New Panels & Speakers Confirmed

What will the sector look like when festivals and venues start to open their doors again in 2021 and how can we use this revival for positive action? This is one of the main topics being addressed across various panels at ESNS 2021. 

This and more in the following panels, debates and workshops. 


EBU presents: Making the Case for Local Artists – Past, Present & Future

Supporting local artists and emerging talent has never been more important than it is today. Public service broadcasters recognize that, and have intensified what they were already doing: helping their national music scenes through new initiatives. EBU has invited ORF’s Susi Ondrusova, Jan van Biesen of VRT, NPO’s Robbert-Jan van de Velde, Ide Eline Tangen of NRK plus Tom Billington and Millie Carter both of BBC, to discuss what they learnt and what the future holds. Laurent Marceau of the EBU will be moderating.

The Music Cities Network panel at ESNS2021 is titled Phasing Out of the Cultural State of Emergency – Strategies for Music Policy Makers, and will focus on how music policy makers can facilitate the transition period between zero capacity, reduced capacity and full capacity. Music Cities Network invites Lex Davidson (City of Sydney), Lucas Knoflach (Sound Diplomacy) and Audrey Guerre (Live DMA) to discuss matters with Debra King (Brighter Sound) moderating.

Brave New World

For a whole year we were no longer competitors, we were all in this together and we worried and cared for each other. We had time for self reflection and we have learned how amazingly lucky we all were over the last few years to not have to live and plan and work with a pandemic. This panel will address the human factor of our business: Idealism vs. business.

Gordon Masson of IQ Magazine will look into if and how this past year has changed our mindset and our business models with panelists Fruzsina Szep of Goodlive, Alex Bruford of ATC Live, ART Mania’s Vulcu Codruta, Pohoda’s Michal Kaščák and Eric van Eerdenburg of Mojo/Lowlands.

STOMP presents – Never Waste A Good Crisis

Positivity is contagious. In his ‘STOMP presents’ panel, Kees van Weijen, President at STOMP/IMPALA is looking at the bright side, showing us the fantastic new POST-COVID chances, opportunities and budgets for artists and managers from  Dutch indie labels in 2021.

Panelists Leo van Schaick of PIAS, 8Ball Music’s Floris Janssen, Dick de Groot of Be Yourself Music and Rotterdam Airlines’ Luciano Winter will shine a light on all current indie-label developments including live music vs. streaming, vinyl, copyright directive issues and the impressive diversity statement of the labels.

Sena Performers/Ntb will host two Dutch-language panels: Paying for Live Concerts in the (Post) Corona Era, with Alexander Beets (Maxanter) moderating and Wiboud Burkens, Will Maas (Vakgroep Muziek/Ntb), Dorine Schoon (Platform Freelance Musici), Marijke de Zee and Marjolein Kooijman (De Groene Engel) as panel speakers. The second panel will address the topic of rights management and exploitation in a streaming age, discussing legal issues surrounding content and its exploitation, and discussing useful tips to prevent unauthorized use. With moderator Alexander Beets, Rakendra Smit (Ntb/Kunstenbond), Denis Doeland (DDMCA) and Maarten Russchen (Russchen Advocatuur).

With touring income completely decimated, artists have turned their attention to music streaming royalties – and many don’t like what they see. In the UK, the #BrokenRecord campaign gained momentum, while the Musicians Union and songwriter organisation The Ivors Academy joined forces for the #FixStreaming campaign to call for a Government inquiry on the matter. Helienne Lindvall (Swede as Candy Music) will lead the debate with independent music publisher Mark Chung and songwriter Fiona Bevan who has been working with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Kylie Minogue.

VNPF, the Dutch association for festivals and venues will present three Dutch-language panels. The first one in cooperation with the Dutch Pop Coalition: a conversation with the Council for Culture. What does the ideal pop policy of the future look like? Jolanda Beyer of Patronaat and Epitome Entertainment’s Henca Maduro are confirmed speakers.

The second panel promises to be ‘A Positive Conversation about Novelties Caused by COVID-19’. Protocols, plans, roadmaps, reproduction numbers, safety consultation…. Time to reflect on a number of lessons learned. Evita de Roode (Willem de Kooning Academy) will moderate this panel with Ingrid Beer (Rewire Festival), Eva van Netten (Welcome to the Village, Explore the North), Joery Wilbers (ECI-Cultuurfabriek) and Jos Feijen (Effenaar).

The third and last VNPF Presents panel is titled: The Beauty of the Crisis. Over the past year, the live pop sector has shown that nothing can limit its creativity and innovative power. In this panel we look for explanations for this resilience, we discuss a few striking examples and, of course, we also look ahead. POPLIVE researcher Martijn Mulder explains the (resilience) of the sector, while Harry Hamelink (Motel Mozaique, Oerol) and Johan Gijsen (Le Guess Who?) share their insights and experiences.

Stop Touting: a Workshop on Named Tickets in Europe

Developed by the Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing (FEAT) this workshop is a walk-through of one of the most effective ways to stop ticket touting throughout Europe. With FEAT’s Sam Shemtob and Jess Partridge alongside Nicole Jacobsen of, we’ll explore the practical steps and key processes that agents, promoters and venues can take to ensure the tickets they sell do not end up in the hands of touts.

The Next Festival: Building Back Better

What will the sector look like when festivals open their doors again in 2021 and how can we use this revival for positive action? In this first of two Innofest panels, Ruben Bosch of Welcome to the Village and Lyke Poortvliet of Green Events & ADE Green, share their expert insights on organising events with added value for our landscape, environment and biodiversity. To conclude, Innofest’s Rob van Wegen explains how the Innofest workshops on festivals are testing grounds for innovation. The panel is moderated by Linda Vermaat of Innofest.

The Next Festival: How Innovation Gets a Spot in Your Organisation

In an ever changing world, innovation is essential for development. However, giving innovation a place in your organisation is easier said than done. This workshop will help you kickstart this process and walk you through the Innofest-method of testing. Innovation expert Chris Glerum and test expert Rob van Wegen both of Innofest, hand you the tools to get started!


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