ESNS 2021 — New Panels & Speakers Confirmed

With less than a month to go before ESNS 2021 kicks off, we’re excited to share the following newly confirmed panels and guest speakers. 

Artists, Managers, Bookers, Venues: Building a Better Future
A panel that dares to point out that before the crisis not everything was perfect. And that now is the time to improve and repair what was already broken before the pandemic had us in its grip. Hopefully a beneficial session led by Jon Heemsbergen of Art Up, a company that drives innovation in culture, with contributions from Aafke Romeijn (artist), Ronald Keizer (BLiP Agency), Marcel Duzink (manager) and Marlies Timmermans (EKKO).

GOWTU Presents – The Extra Mile Towards Diversity
We’ve arrived at a point where we’ve all had numerous conversations that help us understand the underlying factors behind the lack of diversity, and we’re probably still learning every day. However, to establish real change we all need to go the extra mile. In this panel we’re going to have a conversation with individuals from different industries to help us understand what that extra mile is by telling us their own inspiring stories. Maurice Seleky of Amsterdam Museum is moderating this panel with Anthony Harrison from Adidas, artist Szjerdene,  and Bryan Linares from Dim Mak.

The Sun Will Rise Again in the East …… of Europe
Despite the horrible year we’ve just had, live events have actually happened in Central and Eastern Europe. Right now they are back on hold for the time being, but…. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This panel will present a realistic but positive view of the future for Eastern Europe. With Martina Pogacic of Show Production Ltd. from Croatia, ISEG’s Renatas Nacajus from Lithuania, Dragos Banu of Loud Music Entertainment from Romania and Tibor Horvath of Budapest Park from Hungary. Moderated by Carl A.H. Martin.

Unfck Brexit
Where Covid-19 appears to be a global game changer, Brexit for sure will be a game changer on a European level. The music community on both sides of the channel will be confronted with a number of changes, ranging from tax and tolls to legal issues. The Unfck Brexit panel, moderated by Helienne Lindvall of Swede as Candy, will dig into the new regulations and catch up with the latest available information. With contributions from Mark Davyd of Music Venue Trust, All Arts’ Dick Molenaar, James Wright of UTA and FKP Scorpio’s Stephan Thanscheidt. ESNS is teaming up on this one with Reeperbahn Festival presenting the digital summit  ‘Brexit – What’s the Deal?’, as a sustainable follow up to ‘Unfck Brexit’, on January 19th.

Dutch Booking Agents Discuss Their Role in the Future of Live Music
Now the live music is getting ready for a restart, those involved in the process of booking might have to reconsider their role, and their added value. The introduction of streaming and AR/VR has changed the market drastically, including the presence of new (media) partners, new technical requirements and new deals. A Dutch-language panel with Gideon Karting of Mojo Concerts, Friendly Fire’s Pien Feith and Joris van Welsen of Radar Agency, who will try to answer the question: What will the post-Covid world look like for a concert promoter? 

The Top 10 Legal Developments for Music in 2020 – and How to Survive 2021
A panel presented by the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) together with EPIC and moderated by Marijn Kingma of Höcker, will outline the most important legal developments of 2020 and take a look at how they will impact the working processes of the music industry in 2021. Specific cases will be discussed, like what happens to copyright after Brexit, safety vs privacy issues with regards to events and Covid 19, but also more general legal developments relevant to the industry on a European level. With Peter Marx of MMVVP, Höcker’s Charlie Engels,  and Julian Bentley of Swan Turton and Götz Schneider-Rothaar representing SKW Schwarz.

Culture – Covid – Climate Change
Never waste a good pandemic – Culture’s responsible restart into a New Normal
Did we lose a year in our fight on climate change while being forced to focus on something completely different? Or does this crisis also bring something positive, and a chance for real change? While our industry was locked down almost completely, European CO2-emissions decreased by 11% according to a Global Carbon Project report. The European Union kick-started the European Green Deal and in the middle of Corona’s second wave the EU heads of State and Governments committed to even stricter climate goals until the end of this decade: a reduction of 55% instead of 40% compared to the numbers of 1990. But what happens when we get out of this crisis and the flood gates reopen for tourism, consumption and also for culture and entertainment? How do we keep our promises, live up to our responsibilities and even set lighthouse examples while we cheer for the new freedom, the return of all manner of  opportunities, and seek to make up for the losses suffered in the past year? We will lead this uncomfortable discussion with an exclusive set of speakers representing  many points of view, such as the perspectives of promoters, artists & activists, science & innovation, and last but not least politics. Hosted by Claire O’Neill of A Greener Festival and with Rock in Rio and Lisbon head of sustainability Dora Palma, member of the European Parliament Dr. Christian Ehler, Fay Milton of Music Declares Emergency, and Dr. Stefano Barberis of Everywh2ere and Rina Consulting.

Music Moves Europe – Insights on the EU support to music
The European music sector is facing lasting uncertainty and extraordinary challenges after being hit hard by the pandemic. In this unprecedented context, the EU is responding through proactive measures, and notably through the “Music Moves Europe” initiative. During this presentation hosted by Fabien Miclet, European Commission reps will explain this commitment to boosting EU support for the music sector. But what does it mean in practice? Studies, awards, innovative projects, funding perspectives and new initiatives: you’ll get a comprehensive overview and hear testimonies from EU’s Zsolt Szokolai, Inna Garkova, and Susanne Hollmann, plus Céline Lepage of FÉLIN, La Cupula Music’s Jose Luis Zagazeta, Virgo Sillamaa of EMEE, Klaartje Bult of Creative Europe Desk and Dutch artist NAAZ.

Music Moves Europe: Study on the Feasibility of a European Music Observatory & Study on Market Trends and Funding Gaps for the Music Sector ”
A second MME discussion will get into the two studies published by the European Commission on ways to better understand the complexities of the music sector, and better anticipate its shifts and turns in the future. In this session, the people behind these studies will discuss their findings and answer audience questions on how to put new solutions in place for the future. Again with Susanne Hollmann, Zsolt Szokolai and Inna Garkova of the EU and Martin Clarke of Panteia, KEA’s Arthur Le Gall, Gonçalo Miscado of MIL, Music Innovation Hub’s  Anna Zó, Suzanne Combo of IAO and Keychange’s Mia Ternström. Moderator is Fabien Miclet.

Fieldlab Events – On the Way to Solutions
The cooperation between the music industry, the Dutch government and scientists  will bring us test events in January. What are we expecting and how can we benefit from the results in 2021? In this panel, presented by Fieldlab Events & the Alliance of Eventbuilders, Pieter Lubberts of Fieldlabs and Backbone International, alongside Mojo Concerts’ Ronny Hooch Antink, will give us a preview. Moderated by Willem Westermann of VVEM.

GOWTU Presents – Generation DIY- Why Labels and Brands Need to Adapt to Gen Z
Growing up with the internet has made Millennials and Gen Z – particularly Gen Z – a lot more woke. Their limitless access to information and 24/7 connectivity makes them more socially and culturally aware, and in turn, they value fairness, the future and authenticity a lot more than previous generations. At the same time the worldwide web has been providing artists with insider knowledge and platforms that enable them to become more independent. Anyone can learn how to use Logic, publish with the likes of Spotify or Soundcloud, raise money through Go Fund Me, create a community on Twitch and connect directly with fans through social media. Add a scoop of talent and the willingness to work hard, and you can establish yourself as an artist as far as the current audience is concerned.The best part of this may be that you get to do it all your own way, creating a different role for labels and management. Forbes speaks of an already emerging group of ‘record labels of the future’ that have embraced technological change. ESNS explores the current landscape with the generation that is shaping it. Moderator Gunifort Uwambaga in conversation with Julio Galvez of Roomservice International and artist managers Jasper Cremers and Yung Nnelg.

FunX Presents – Music Changes in Times of Covid-19
A lot has changed since Covid-19, and that includes the music we want to listen to.
With the whole world in stay-home mode, producers are leaving their club tracks on the shelf, while at the same time a song with a simple TikTok dance routine can become a worldwide hit. With their concerts on hold artists and producers are releasing and experimenting online more than ever. Top international artists like Bad Bunny, Drake and J. Balvin are releasing new tracks one after the other, and the same goes for the most popular Dutch artists like Snelle, Boef, Frenna, Lil Kleine and Josylvio. What are the success stories of this time, and why? Artists, producers and labels discuss how Covid-19 changed our taste in music and what we should expect in the future. With Randall Span of FunX, Dutch artists Afro Bros, Numidia and Murda, plus Mohamed Fouradi of La Foux /Top Notch & Noah’s Ark. FunX’s Vanessa Ackah is moderating. 

Meetings and Sessions
Also confirmed is this year’s Yourope & ESNS – ETEP  Festival meeting (invites only).

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