All of today’s confirmations are: Alexander Oscar (dk), Alfie Templeman (gb), Anger (at), Ätna (de), Bang Bang Romeo (gb), Barney Artist (gb), Becky Hill (gb), BeraadGeslagen (be), Blanche (be), Blondage (dk), BLVTH (de), Bobby Oroza (fi), Boundaries (dk), BowLand (it), Bratři (cz), Brihang (be), Catastrophe (fr), Cell7 (is), Cella (ch), DC Salas live (be), Declan J Donovan (gb), Delilah Montagu (gb), Duncan Laurence (nl), DZ’OB (ua), Eefje De Visser (nl), Evija Vēbere (lv), Fehdah (ie), Fulco (be), Gabriel Ólafs (is), Genuine Jacks (sk), Griff (gb), Haiku Garden (si), Hardwicke Circus (gb), Het Zesde Metaal (be), Horsy (pl), I See Rivers (no/gb), JFDR (is), JNR Williams (gb), Johan Papaconstantino (fr), Joy Crookes (gb), Jules Ahoi (de), Julian Zyklus (it), Junior Brother (ie), Kai Schumacher (de), Karel (nl), Keeley Forsyth (gb), Ko Shin Moon (fr), Kosmo Sound (be), La Colère (ch), Lankum (ie), Lewsberg (nl), Lie Ning (de), Livløs (dk), Mart Avi (ee), Martyn Heyne (de), Miraa May (gb), Mischa Blanos (ro), Mottron (fr), Moyka (no), Murman Tsuladze (ge), Nathan Ball (gb), Niels Broos (nl), Ponzio Pilates (it), President Bongo (be), Ramin & Reda (ch), Rev Rev Rev (it), Sam Tompkins (gb), Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives (gr), sir Was (se), Sólveig Matthildur (is), Some Sprouts (de), Sophie Hunger & Julian Sartorius (ch), Sorcha Richardson (ie), Sorry (gb), Spinvis (hat Fernweh) (nl), Stake (be), Tamzene (gb), teepee (cz), The Clockworks (ie), The Homesick (nl), The New Death Cult (no), Tús Nua (hr), Westerman (gb), Winnie Raeder (gb), Wolf & Moon (de), Yawners (es) and Zwangere Guy (be). The previously announced show by Prudence (fr) has been cancelled.

The festival, with showcases by around 350 acts from Europe, takes place in the city of Groningen, the Netherlands, from January 15 – 18, 2020. 

Tickets for the festival can be bought online, via this link. Registrations for the conference are also still available. The deadline to register for the late rate is on November 28.