ESNS ART brings multidisciplinary art to Groningen

ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) starts next month in the city of Groningen. In addition to the conference, award shows, the newest emerging European artists, there is more to discover than music in Groningen. At ESNS ART, art is given a broad scope in all its disciplines.

During ESNS 2020, from Wednesday 15 January to Saturday 18 January, artists present work in numerous forms in Groningen. From installations and exhibitions to performances and projections.

CBK Groningen – Centre for Visual Arts will be curating three projects for ESNS Art. At the Oosterpoort and at the Waagplein, Olaf Mooij presents DJ Mobile 1.0 & 2.0. Under the title Robot en Romein, Jelle de Graaf makes giant sculptures from recycled waste, which can be seen at Stationsplein and Grote Markt. In the inner garden of De Oosterpoort, Groningen artist Jimi Kleinbruinink presents his light sculpture.

At Het Resort artists Kitty Maria, Tom Kemp and Alicja Nowicz exhibit their work in the former men’s sauna ‘t Pakhuisje. Sophie Lee, Victor Crepsley and Sophia Löwe create three autonomous installations which form their own environment in SIGN.

Fifteen artists from Europe exhibit their concert posters at Grafisch Museum, while Willem Kolvoort shows his collection, an overview of the posters he made for Vera in the past 30 years, at the Groninger Museum. The international collective Temps Zero – led by photographer and curator Stéphane Charpentier and sound artist Alyssa Moxley – brings a new generation of international experimental visual and sound artists together in Noorderlicht. The Climate Museum brings their pop-up museum to Forum Groningen during ESNS with the artworks Kweekvlees Kookboek from Next Nature Network and City of Sounds and Silence from Sun City.

A full overview can be found here.