All 44 newly confirmed acts are;

5K HD (at), Alyona Alyona (ua), Asbest (ch), Askjell (no), Balkan Taksim (ro), Beatrich (lt), Bitter Moon (ch), Black Mirrors (be), Cabal (dk), Celeste (gb), Charlotte Dos Santos (no), Conjurer (gb), Estoner (ee), Eugenia Post Meridiem (it), Harmed (hu), Ikan Hyu (ch), Jessiquoi (ch), Just Mustard (ie), Kaiser Quartett (de), Kimberose (fr), Kitt Philippa (ie), Korantemaa (se), KT Gorique (ch), Lina_Raül Refree (pt), Lous And The Yakuza (be), Marina Satti (gr), Meduza (it), Mezerg (fr), Monumental Men (ch), Naaz (nl), Nicklas Sahl (dk), Oktober Lieber (fr), Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (gb), Pongo (pt), Port Noir (se), Resolve (fr), PRUDENCE (fr), Skynd (–), Squid (gb), Steam Down (gb), The Qualitons (hu), Tribade (es), Veronica Fusaro (ch) and YĪN YĪN (nl).

ESNS previously announced 37 acts to play at the showcase festival, taking place from January 15 – 18, 2020 in Groningen, The Netherlands. All confirmed acts are listed here.

Tickets and registrations
The presale date for festival tickets will be announced soon. Registrations for the ESNS conference are currently available online. The deadline to register for the late rate is on November 28.

Pictured: Squid (gb)