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Sustainability is no longer a buzzword. Whereas, climate change was previously only dormant or just a vague term for some, we are now experiencing far-reaching consequences. The future is now. Sustainability has also been an important policy focus at ESNS for a number of years. For example, we work with increasingly sustainable solutions for our energy consumption, we try to use less materials, we are careful with which materials we do use and also recycle them, and we make our crew aware of greener initiatives. In addition, we are still making strides when it comes to sustainable catering, reducing food waste, making transport more sustainable by, among other things, using vehicles and journeys more efficiently and using sustainable fuels, and we introduced hard cups at various locations during the event. It’s a start, but there’s lots more to do.

First and foremost, a festival or conference cannot (yet) be organized completely sustainable. For an event such as ESNS, where meeting each other physically is an important aspect, many travel movements are applicable and the necessary CO2 emissions can also be reported for production. Therein lies the problem. The emissions are unfortunately unavoidable, because as it turns out; solutions have not yet been found for all problems. 

The only other option is to do it as sustainably as possible and to offset CO2 emissions as much as possible. In addition, with ESNS we want to be transparent about our progress, developments, but also our struggles with the issue. Many employees and representatives of the music industry come together every year at ESNS; from artists to festival organizers. The ideal opportunity to inspire each other with common experiences and extremely valuable to take green steps.

Solidarity Eco Tax
This year we ask our visitors to help us become more sustainable. For everyone who visits the festival and conference, we ask for an extra contribution on top of the ticket price, in order to tackle CO2 emissions. That may require some explanation.

ESNS has analyzed the travel movements of artists, delegates and other visitors and made an estimate of the expected visitors for the coming edition. We distinguish between flights and land transport by train and car.

By only compensating you ensure that CO2 emissions in other places in the world are reduced, but you do not remove the problem: burning fossil fuels by flying. That is why we choose to partner with SkyNRG to reduce around 25% of the net emissions of flights by using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). In this way we prevent CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. We compensate the rest by contributing to CO2 emission-reducing projects through certified reforestation projects.

We analyze the travel movements every year and adjust the figures to the most up-to-date information. For this year we ask for a contribution of € 12,50.

Because we want to come together as a community, we have chosen an average amount instead of a personal amount. We want to meet at the festival and therefore bear the consequences together. Where we, as ESNS, want to eliminate CO2 emissions on location, we ask the visitor to participate and contribute for that part of the journey.

All these developments are not yet a comprehensive solution to the problem. At ESNS, too, many parts still need to be examined. The visitor can also contribute a few things. There are still many steps to be taken in our energy consumption, at our office, at the festival locations. In short, a long way to go. But, as we have now learned, 100% change does not happen overnight or without trial and error, we are partly still entering new territory in the field of sustainability, in which we make choices, innovate and learn. The process takes time, development and requires cooperation from all of us. 

Read more about our sustainability policy here.

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