Even during an online festival, ESNS and Innofest test innovations in the offline world

ESNS and Innofest have a long history. For several years, Innofest has been testing innovations of sustainable entrepreneurs at the festival and conference. Also this year. However, this year they’re not testing with the visitors, but with the crew and panel members. Except for You Will Be Hacked, they designed an online game that you can try here.


Why are tests needed?
Nine out of ten innovations fail, in many cases because a prototype has not been sufficiently tested before it’s launched in the market. This is a waste of time, money and effort.

Fast and effective solutions for a more sustainable and social world are needed more than ever. It is therefore important that these solutions enter the market successfully. Innofest links these innovations to a test location in the real world, such as ESNS, and helps to put together a pilot with the entrepreneur. 

The tests
The entrepreneurs are testing on from Wednesday till Friday (19th – 21st of January) in the Oosterpoort. 

Cuppa: Cuppa has designed a reusable cup that requires a deposit and contains a chip to track when the cup is in use and brought back to the collecting can. They want to make the public more aware of the impact of our collective consumption behavior and provide no nonsense solutions that everyone can use. At ESNS, they’re testing if people are open to use their deposit system. 

E-motion chair: This chair aims to recognize movements that help caregivers to provide care to clients in a timely manner. Smart sensors recognize discomfort, stress and other factors that may indicate a need for help. As soon as the chair picks up these signals, caregivers receive a notification on their phone. The entrepreneurs want to know if the chair is working as it should.

MUTE: MUTE is a software application that creates unique playlists using existing and new music. By connecting knowledge from healthcare and the application of music, we can better understand emotion and better track the impact on people. It provides insight into the impact on the listener on the basis of individually desired emotion and can be used as a medical device. The entrepreneurs want to know the impact the innovation has on the people using it.

You Will Be Hacked: It’s not a matter of if you will be hacked, but when. Step out of your comfort zone and walk a mile in the shoes of the bad guy. Play this game and see if you’ve got what it takes to take full control and cause a complete system shutdown. Click here to try it.

2MenSolutions: Poor air quality can affect your health and ability to concentrate. Often the air quality in the office cannot be determined with the naked eye and is therefore often paid too late attention to. Harm can be prevented by capturing the air quality and measuring carbon dioxide. This way we can create a safer and healthier environment.

2MenSolutions monitores people in a particular space over a period of time and gives us the ability to recognise patterns and trends. During ESNS, it is tested whether their system is usable and works accurately.

Want more information? Visit the Innofest x ESNS page.