Since 2009, Halman hosts morning radio show Start on FunX. Three years ago, he was nominated for the Pop Media Award as well. According to the judges, in the past three years Halman has “only elevated his status as radio’s most important missionary for hiphop, r&b and anything we call urban.”

The judges see Halman as one of the reasons (Dutch) hiphop was more successful in 2018 than ever before. The fact that he has become more prominent in other media is also mentioned: the dj can regularly be seen in television talk shows such as De Wereld Draait Door and RTL Late Night.

The Pop Media Award is awarded to pop-journalists for their entire oeuvre, with particular attention for special accomplishments in the past year. The other nominees for the Pop Media Award 2018 were Timo Pisart (lead-editor for 3VOOR12) and documentary filmmaker Teun van Sintmaartensdijk (Buying the Band).

The Pop Media Award was first awarded in 1994. Its winners are (in chronological order)

Bert van de Kamp, Jip Golsteijn, David Kleijwegt, Martin Bril, Tom Engelshoven, Herman van der Horst, Anton Corbijn, Gijsbert Kamer, de redactie van de website 3voor12, Hester Carvalho, Lex van Rossen, Leon Verdonschot, John Schoorl, Leo Blokhuis, Jan van der Plas, Sander Donkers en Eric Corton, DWDD recordings, Saul van Stapele, Mary Go Wild / Mark van Bergen, Atze de Vrieze, Rutger Geerling, Rotjoch and Roosmarijn Reimer.

Photo credit: Jorn Baars