Dinercafe Diep

[Discount included] Great diner with a nice glas of wine in a relaxing atmosphere is what you can expect at Dinercafe Diep. Inside, on the terrace or even on their boat (make a reservation) delicious food is their top priority.   ESNS Special (for all visitors with a wristband): Sonic Stew with a glass of […]

Grand Cafe Time Out

[Discount included] Lunch, Borrel, Diner, High Wine and beer on the terrace, Grand Cafe Time Out has it all. Their well known spare ribs recipe has not changed in the last 43 years. Open till late every night this is a popular place to go for some people watching on the terrace.   ESNS Special […]

De Groene Stoel

[Discount included] This cosy green restaurant is exactly what it looks like: green. Working mostly with biological and local ingredients you can find anything from coffee and cake to dinner and beer. You can come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The international outlook of their menu can also be found in their staff. De […]


[Discount included] A spot designed for and by youngsters that has evolved into a place enjoyed by everyone: a unique, fun and social atmosphere! You will find this cafe full of students who enjoy their break with a hot cup of coffee.     ESNS special: 20% discount on the whole bill  

Buurman en Buurman

[Discount + crew tip] Buurman en Buurman is the best place in Groningen if you’re looking for pizza. Using a wood-burning oven, every pizza comes out tasting just a bit better than any other pizza you can find in Groningen. This restaurant has the motto quality over quantity, so expect a relatively simple menu, but […]

‘t Pannekoekschip

[Discount included] Dinner on a boat? Everything is possible in Groningen. After 80 years of sailing through Europe, this 40-meter-long sailing boat has found its home on one of the canals of Groningen. Guests can choose from a selection of more than 100 delicious sweet as well as savoury pancakes. Try out something new here. […]


[Discount + crew tip] One of the newest hotspots in Groningen is Dokjard. Right in between the Noorderplantsoen and the old harbor. Dokjard combines a brewery with a bistro, which means you can enjoy both beer and food.   ESNS crew tip: Be prepared for “great comfort food and different cuisines” says marketing manager Jildau. […]


[Discount included] A place for reak Blokes. “Dishes inspired by the (not so modest) american kitchen” it says on their website. This is exactly what you can expect. Burgers, steak & ribs. Beer & cocktails. The staff will make sure you feel right at home.   ESNS special (for all visitors with a wristband): 20% […]


[Discount included] Traditional Dutch kitchen is served at WEEVA next to the Martini Hotel. At this 140 year-old restaurant, guests are treated to delicious fish, meat, salads and everything in between. ESNS Special: 3 course dinner – 27,50€    


[Discount included] Coffee. Scones. (High) Tea. Cake. P.S. has it all. Take a break and enjoy the relaxed environment of P.S. in one of the best streets of the city centre right between the university buildings!   ESNS special: Lunch 15,00€ A savoury pie, a small soup and a salad including apple or orange juice […]