HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes) presents two up-and-coming talents from Budapest

[Advertorial] Are you ready to meet the HOTS?

The Hungarian music export office is happy to present two promising talents from Budapest. This evening MORDÁI will introduce their very own and distinctive interpretation of ’Hungarian Outlaw Folk-Rock’. On Friday you can follow DECOLONIZE YOUR MIND SOCIETY through their passage to a unique world of psychedelic rock, avant-garde, jazz and experimental music. Stay tuned and enjoy their shows today at 21.50 and on Friday at 22.00.

MORDÁI is a Hungarian folk rock group that draws upon the repertoire of the experimental folk movements of the sixties and seventies (Muzsikás Zenekar Sebő ensemble etc). The tone and subject matter of the band summon the unknown, and are driven by the dark presence of ‘The Outlaw’. Immerse yourself in their recent eponymous recording.

TIME: Thursday, 21.50 – 22.05 / VENUE: ESNS04

Inspired by non-European traditional music, non-tempered tuning systems, psychedelic ritual performances and the legendary Fourth World music by Jon Hassell and Brian Eno, DECOLONIZE YOUR MIND SOCIETY was founded by Balint Szabo Gosheven as a natural continuation of his creative focus and work. The Hungarian band floats in a hazy no man’s land between psychedelic rock, avant-garde, jazz and experimental music, with the glissonic wind instrument (glissotar) and analog synthesizer adding to their absolutely unique sound. The six-piece just released their debut in October.

TIME: Friday, 22.00 – 22-15 / VENUE: ESNS02