ESNS is the European music platform. It is the only event in the world that focuses solely on European music. Why?

Historically, European pop music has experienced great difficulties in international promotion and distribution. Anglo-American repertoire has been the main focus of professional distribution and promotion for years in spite of European music’s great diversity and quality. In short, European music has lagged behind. Because of the slim possibilities and opportunities offered to European artists, only a few have been able break through international boundaries. Time for a change!

The goal of non-profit organisation ESNS therefore is to help these artists break through on the international live music market. ESNS wishes to generate more attention for European music, its diversity and quality, and aims to bring the artists who make this music in front of international audiences. ESNS strives towards building international careers for emerging acts, unlocking their potential and getting them to spread their music. Talent should be heard and deserves to be offered a stage to do so.

Together with South by Southwest (Texas, USA), ESNS belongs to the most important platforms for new talent and international discussion about music-related topics in the world. Therefore, ESNS makes an important contribution to the internationalisation of the Dutch music scene.

Stimulating and promoting the connection and circulation of European music. Paying attention to both Dutch and European artist, as well as to the international circulation of those artists. Enhancing their repertoire and giving them a chance to break through international borders. That is the goal.