Keynote interview with Tom Windish (Paradigm Agency, US) by Greg Parmley (ILMC, IQ, IFF)

Agent Tom Windish has been confirmed as keynote speaker during ESNS 2019. The US based founder of The Windish Agency and now senior executive at Paradigm Talent Agency, saw his agency grow from two to eighty employees before Paradigm acquired the independent agency in 2015. In Tom’s philosophy being an agent involves booking of course, but also involves a really important role in developing artists.

Tom Windish never choose the easy way as a booking agent. That might be one of the reasons he won Pollstar’s ‘Independent Agency of the Year Award’ three times. He has also been recognized on Billboard’s Power 100 list both individually and as a member of Paradigm’s Music Executive Group in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Prior to joining Paradigm as a Senior Executive in 2017, Windish had grown The Windish Agency with two employees to more than 80 employees with offices in six cities. He is known for developing the touring careers of such artists as Lorde, alt-J, The xx, Hot Chip and Billie Eilish. Working with these musicians from the early days of their careers, Windish has seen clients grow from playing small local venues to dominating stages at major festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Daisy Carnival. Many have earned Grammy nominations and wins.

Artist and career development
Windish trademark is finding new upcoming acts and help them build careers. In his view, that is his main role as an agent and that is what he loves the most. That also means that Windish does not take no for an answer and had to be very persuasive in achieving his goals and booking unknown bands he really likes and loves. That’s probably what makes him stand out from many other agents: his involvement in the development of the artists career and helping out defining who the artist is. Tom Windish is often involved in artists careers long before A&R people from labels are.

At ESNS, Tom Windish – interviewed by Greg Parmley – will go into his way of working with both upcoming and successful artists like Lorde and alt-J how to be a successful agent, the importance of saying no and sticking to the plan, answering the demand for additional services like radio and tv-promotion, marketing and dealing with brand partnerships and the need to go global to maintain successful at building careers.