FEAT will build on the work of European initiatives aimed at tightening up ticket resale, in order to encourage better ticket resale practices via a continent-wide approach. The alliance’s goals are to encourage better legislation at national and EU level, connect live industry professionals, and collect data and research.

The organisation’s founding members are artist and festival promoters from across Europe. Sam Shemtob, FEAT’s director, underlines the importance of cross-continental cooperation: “The growth and effectiveness of grassroots movements against industrial ticket touting in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland in recent years has been invigorating. The time has come for these these movements to connect, collaborate and speak as one at a European level, where MEPs are listening.”

FEAT is already actively involved in EU parliamentary discussions on secondary ticketing. Furthermore, the Alliance facilitates the formation of a legal group to coordinate activities on ticketing regulation.

For more information on FEAT, visit feat-alliance.org.