On Friday January 18, you can attend a keynote interview with Andy Farrow (Northern Music, GB). Andy is a well respected music industry professional, with over 25 years of activity in the world of LOUD music who is particularly known for his management skills.

While still in high school, he set up the punk label Apathy Products, and shortly after, AMF music was founded through which he promoted shows and ran rehearsal rooms. AMF music merged with Far North Music and led to the Northern Music Company (NMC). Andy has managed to combine almost all facets of modern music in one group of companies. From publishing (AMF Music Publishing), live booking (NMC Live), merchandising (Omerch) to independent label services (Graphite Records).

Nevertheless, Andy’s main focus is management, and In that capacity he looks after Opeth, Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, 65daysofstatic and Bloodbath, to name just a few. Join us for his keynote interview with moderator Gordon Masson.


LOLA is the place to be on Friday January 18 if you’re looking for LOUD music.

21.30 – 22.15 | Turia (nl)
22.45 – 23.30 | Laster (nl)
00:00 – 00:45 | Dodecahedron (nl)

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