More Panels & Speakers Confirmed

This week we’re delighted to announce several new panels and keynote speakers for ESNS 2021.

Keynote interview Scumeck Sabottka
To mark FEAT’s launch of “Stop Touting: A Guide to Named Tickets in Europe” at ESNS this year, we are proud to present this keynote interview with legendary promoter, agent and founding partner of the Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing Scumeck Sabottka, of MCT Agentur, interviewed by CAA’s Emma Banks. Sabottka and Banks will discuss the fight against ticket touting, why it’s more important than ever and how agents, promoters and venues can come together to promote face-value ticket resale.

Women in Live Music
Together with moderators Malle Kaas and Hannah Brodrick of WILM, and C.R.E.W Coalition’s Erin Lynch, this panel will tackle (some of) the challenges for women in live music. Like ‘Motherhood and a career in Live music’, ‘Diversity backstage’ and ‘Crew as part of the ecosystem – what now?’
With Alanna Pepin-Danissen of DTU, L’Acoustics’ Tony Szabo, Justine Thomson, and Christina Svärdström of Levando Video.

EMEE presents: Entering Scandinavia in a Post-Crisis World
With a special focus on Scandinavia, this panel, hosted by EMEE’s Virgo Sillamaa, will look into market entry questions and more specifically the role of digital channels in finding a way to audiences in COVID-19 times. The Scandinavian region has the highest digital consumption in the world, but what are the key learnings from how to build a digital audience? And could this also be a solution for artists from elsewhere in Europe? Panelists are Jesper Thorsson of Music Export Sweden,
Music Export Denmark’s Thomas Rhode, and Kathrine Synnes Finnskog of Music Export Norway.

Stay Sound & Check Yourself – Update!
An in-depth panel discussion on stress and mental health in the live music and festival industry before, during and after the pandemic. Already confirmed speakers Prof. Dr. Katja Ehrenberg of Fresenius University and GO Group’s Holger Jan Schmidt, will be joined by Password Productions’ Lina Ugrinovska, Chris Kemp, of MOM Consultancy and Fruzsina Szep of Goodlife.
This session at ESNS is also the official release event of the book “Mental health and stress behind the scenes of the live music industry – in normal and even more challenging times”.

Live Music in Times of Covid 19 – What Can the Live Industry Expect from Broadcast Platforms and Vice Versa?
With the live industry knocked out by Corona last year, live streams and on-demand concerts came back into play, with of course, a special role for the platforms facilitating this. Who benefits the most from this? And what should the parties expect from each other? And if more is allowed in 2021, will things change in the relationship between those platforms and live industry? In this Dutch-language panel Atze de Vrieze of VPRO, will explore the topic with panelists Eric van Eerdenburg of Mojo/Lowlands, 013 Poppodium’s Joost van Abeelen, and Roosmarijn Reijmer of NPO/3FM.

Meetings and Sessions
Also confirmed now is the IMMF Board Meeting.

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