Pushing for Change From Within: How We Move Forward for Gender Equality in the Music Industry
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 6 | 12:00 - 13:00
Fri 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 6 | 12:00 - 13:00

Pushing for Change From Within: How We Move Forward for Gender Equality in the Music Industry

Jess Partridge PRS Foundation (GB), Pauwke Berkers Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL), Silvina Munich CISAC (FR), Sine Tofte Hannibal Danish Composers Society (DK), Natalia Vergara Señoritas on fire (ES)

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Today's musical culture is (still) highly gender segregated in terms of instrument preferences, genre, and artistic expression, as well as in terms of the reputation of different professional fields and positions.
However, the last few years have seen a growing interest in music and gender research and initiatives that aim to a create a more balanced representation. Recently Keychange presented a manifesto for change at the European Parliament in Brussels, with the aim of increasing and sustaining representation of women in the music industry. But the main driver for change should come from the sector itself. Here to discuss the Keychange initiative and how the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain are handling the issue are Jess Partridge, Aafke Romeijn, Sine Tofte Hannibal and Natalia Vergara.

Keychange is a pioneering international initiative which empowers women to be part of the future of
music and encourages festivals to achieve a 50:50 gender balance by 2022. Keychange is led by the PRS Foundation, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


  • Jess Partridge

    Jess Partridge PRS Foundation (GB)

    Jess works at the PRS Foundation as project manager of Keychange - which comprises a talent development programme for women across Europe and a gender balance pledge which has seen over 150 festivals commit to a 50/50 line-up by the year 2022. Alongside developing Keychange, Jess is also the editor of London's best gig guide - London in Stereo, a monthly print magazine with a distribution of over 16,000.

  • Pauwke Berkers

    Pauwke Berkers Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)

    Pauwke Berkers is Associate Professor Sociology of arts and culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is author of Gender Inequality in Metal Music Production (with Julian Schaap) as well as many acadenic articles on gender boundaries in popular music. He has worked with Buma/Stemra to research the position of women in the Dutch music industry.

  • Silvina Munich

    Silvina Munich CISAC (FR)

    Silvina Munich is CISAC's Director of Repertoires and Creator Relations, a role that she has held since 2004. In this capacity, Silvina has been responsible for developing and supporting CISAC's international creators councils, reinforcing the influence of authors in national, regional and international policy-making bodies. She is also in charge of the Women@CISAC and CISAC creators ambassadors' programs.

    Prior to joining CISAC, Silvina held different positions at PEMA Music, CAM and Disney, and has worked in artist relations, production and copyright since 1990. She holds a master's degree in political science from the Catholic University of Cordoba in her native Argentina, a post-graduate diploma in international economic relations and a master of advanced studies in cinema, television and audiovisual from the University of Paris-Sorbonne.

  • Sine Tofte Hannibal

    Sine Tofte Hannibal Danish Composers Society (DK)

    Sine Tofte Hannibal is the general manager of the Danish Composer's Society. Gender equality, diversity and the meeting between audiences and live music are topics that she continuously focus on and work with in the Danish Composers' Society and within the field of new music.

    She has a background as project manager for festivals and ensembles for experimental music, projects that engage children and young people in music, and as facilitator of Nordic and European networks on audience development.

    Most recently, she took the initiative in the Danish Composer's Society of making a comprehensive repertoire statistics on live classical music in Denmark - a statistic that shows the music that we as audiences are presented with in terms of music by women and men, newly written music and older music, as well as Danish and foreign music. The statistic showed that less than 4% of the live classical repertoire in Denmark is written by women.

    Sine Tofte Hannibal holds a MA in Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen.

  • Natalia Vergara

    Natalia Vergara Señoritas on fire (ES)

    Natalia Vergara is the Founder, Producer and Director of “Señoritas On Fire”, the only collective of female composers in the world which aims to promote female songwriters and singers, having managed tours in London, New York, México, Berlin, Madrid. Vergara is also the President of AMCE (Association of Spanish Women Music Creators), member of the Gender Group in CIAM (International Council of Music Creators), member of the Gender Group in ECSA (European Composers & Songwriters Alliance), and a member of the board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Composers AMA (Associated Music Authors). Natalia’s works have been published by Warner Chappell Spain and Televisa Mexico. Natalia taught Music Business in the European School of Economics ESE Madrid, she got her post-graduate Diploma in Music Management at ESE LONDON and graduated from Complutense University, Spain on Gender Gap in the Cultural and Creative Industries. She holds a degree in Media Studies from URJC Spain, and she is also a lawyer with a specialisation in Entertainment Law (CEU and IE SPAIN).


  • aafke.png

    Aafke Romeijn Artist (NL)

    Aafke Romeijn studied composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Modern Dutch Literature at Utrecht University. She released two electro-pop albums and played at Noorderslag and Lowlands Festival in 2017. In 2018 she made her debut as a novelist with Concept M, a political science fiction novel published by renowned literary publisher De Arbeiderspers. In April 2019 she releases a new full-length album that will function as a soundtrack to her novel. As a journalist, she writes for a wide range of newspapers and magazines.