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Peter Weening

Vera Groningen

1955: on may 30 born in Linschoten (county Utrecht), the Netherlands; father was teacher at the local christian school, mother runs the houskeeping; later two younger brothers 1958: family moved to Koudekerke (county Zeeland, close to the beach!!); father became head of (christian) school 1967: high school in Vlissingen; start listening music on pirate stations Radio Caroline, Veronica and Radio Luxemburg 1969: high school in Middelburg 1970: family moved to Burum (county Friesland); high school in Groningen (city); first visit stadium/football club (GVAV/late FC Groningen) ; till 1975 football trainer for youth and player for local club De Lauwers; 50% sports-crazy, 50% music-crazy (but only taping, no money for records), school… mmm 1975: graduation high school; first visit England, first concerts in clubs in London; sports instructor during military service 1977: finishing military service; stay in Amsterdam for the summer to take care of a shop; see first gig in Paradiso (the Saints); moves to Groningen to start study law at university; play football for Lycurgus 1978: member of the party commmission of the faculty of law; starts ‘lawbar’ in Het Hijgend Hert (local pub, now De Zolder) and be the DJ there. In october becomes member of Vera; bar tender and DJ dance nights 1980: quit study law, gets an unemployment allowance and start booking the bands in Vera (july 1) 1981: start Vera Poll, election of gig of the year (up to now) 1983: start Trash that Beat, a weekly hitlist of underground music 1985: quit playing football after heavy injury (DJ till 4 at night and playing next day is too much…); start writing reviews concerts/records in Vera Krant (Vera paper, two weekly) 1986: start a band to support The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Mad Cowboy Experience; quit after 3 months and started it up in 1987; did about 38 gigs, biggest one was support for The Hoodoo Gurus in main hall Paradiso 1991: got Cultural Prize of the city of Groningen 1992: present at the 25th wedding anniversary of Fred and Toody (Dead Moon) in Clackamas (OR, USA/one month trip) 1993: start Vera footballteam; goal keeper myself. Early october John Peel in the house for an interview, that was broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 some days later (a personal high light in all those years) 1994: after 13 ½ years booking bands at Vera as a volunteer this becomes a payed job 1996: the whole Vera footballteam becomes member of DIO Groningen 1997: got first Ijzeren Podiumdier (best club promotor, again in 2008) of the VNP (union of Dutch clubs, now called VNPF) 2000: relationship/girlfriend up to now; together we have an alotment garden ever since 2007: present at SXSW in Austin (TX, USA/only time, was enough…) 2011: first poetry gig as PePr Klepr 2015: quit active football, becomes referee for DIO Groningen (up to now) 2018: got Medal of Honor of city of Groningen plus Life Time Achievement Award of VNPF 2019: announces retirement at the Vera 120-years talkshow on august 31 2020: present at Trondheim Calling for a Q&A 2021: starts the Vera podcast Trash that Podcast with Mark Lada October 1, 2021: retires at age of 66 years and 4 months as the Vera booker Peter Weening, Groningen, 22 october 2021