WE:TALK Live Music podcast centers Episode around ETEP

Episode 4 of the We Talk : Live Music podcast is centred around ETEP. 

Host Paul Cheetham talks with Ruud Berends (ESNS & ETEP), Steve Nickolls (U.T.A.), Cindy Castillo (Mad Cool Festival), and Hannes Tschürtz about what ETEP is and what it means to them.

Q&A with Lowlands Director Eric van Eerdenburg

Nevertheless, Lowland Festival (LL) aims to send a signal, and is moving ahead to stage an event that in the best case scenario is synchronised with the speed rate of the vaccine campaign against Covid-19. We took the chance and asked Eric van Eerdenburg a few questions by e-mail, which he kindly answered as displayed […]

ETEP presents 2020 results and first 2021 selection

Results 2020 The year 2020 was different than any other year, since we all had to deal with a pandemic that brought the world to a standstill. Because of this, many ETEP festivals were cancelled or postponed. To still succeed in the mission of ETEP, to give emerging acts as much exposure as possible, they […]

Q&A with MEP Niklas Nienaß

ETEP.nl approached Niklas Nienaß, who can be considered one of those. At only 28, he is one of the youngest in the European Parliament, and as a member of the Green Party. Among other, things, he is a member of the Culture Committee at the European Parliament and one of the initiators, along with a […]

Q&A with MaMA director Fernando Ladeiro-Marques

How do you cope with the decision to postpone MAMA 2020? Fernando Ladeiro-Marques: The cancellation of MaMA 2020 was a difficult decision to make. We fought to the end so that the event could take place because the whole sector, silenced since March, needed to get together, to take stock of the consequences of this […]

George Floyd – An Echo by the Music Community

The death of the US citizen George Floyd killed by a police officer on Tuesday, May 26, in Minneapolis triggered both peaceful and violent protests around the globe. Video footage showing how the “Gentle Giant”  died while handcuffed, when a police officer knelt on his neck for more than seven minutes, went viral, leading to […]

Black Out Tuesday, The show must be paused

The Show Must Be Paused

Today, June 2, we take a break from work in the music industry and join #theshowmustbepaused. We’ll use this day to disrupt the work week and rethink about how it all came to this, about how we can do better to combat racism, educate ourselves and support the black community, This is a good start: […]

Ment x ETEP Session featuring Molchat Doma

Snapshot of the session with Molchat Doma

MENT x ETEP Session – A Debut for MENT, ETEP & Molchat Doma Streaming in times of shut downs in Europe prospers. For the time being, the streaming of concerts is as close as we can get to the joy of seeing live music for music fans in quarantaine. In a joint effort ETEP-festival MENT […]

Squid and Black Country, New Road heading this year’s first ETEP Charts

Squid and Black Country, New Road heading this year’s first ETEP Charts 94 confirmed festival bookings for 2020 already ESNS took place less than a month ago, but the ESNS talent exchange programme ETEP is already proving its worth. The exchange programme that focuses on offering European acts international opportunities has already resulted in 94 […]

Interview with Codruta Vulcu

Q&A with Codruta Vulcu Internationally the work description for festival and concert promoters remains generally similar. Booking artists, investing creativity and economical confidence, while simultaneously taking care of promotion and production. But, if this fails to be exciting enough, perhaps you could try replacing artists with a Pope? As there are usually fewer popes than […]