Who are we?

ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is a non-profit organisation that stimulates the circulation of European music across the European continent and beyond. The organisation is entirely focused on getting results for artists and takes the supporting role it can have in the development of artists’ international careers at heart. 


Managing director

Dago Houben

Head of programme

Robert Meijerink

Head of operations

Daniële Streep

Festival director

Peter Sikkema

Head of Business & Development

Nadine Zijp

Head of production

Marlene Boere

Head of Marketing

Adriaan Pels

Programme Commission

Project Manager Music Moves Europe Talent Awards

Edlef Heeling

Conference programming

Lisa Schoemaker

Bookings ESNS

Oskar Strajn

Project manager Hit the North

Sita Rawie

Conference programming

Frank Jansen

Programming EPIC

Marcel Albers

ESNS Extra programming

Pascal Rakers

Bookings NL

Joey Ruchtie

Conference programming

Max van Bossé

Head of conference

Ruud Berends


Coordinator Dutch grants and funds

Annelie Loos

Office Manager

Marijke Woering

EU Policy Officer

Ilona Deuring

Financial controller

Sweder Lamme

EU Business Manager

Klaartje Bult


Festival marketing & Hit the North

Amber Veenstra

Graphic design

Lisa Sportel

NL media liaison

Corné Bos

Graphic design

Margreet Kievit

Online marketing

Djai-Mac Wolthof

Marketing Music Moves Europe Awards & Photography

Niels Meijer


Production food & beverage

Andre Malotaux

Technical production Oosterpoort

Bennie Veenstra

Production Conference

Dalel Blink

Production Eurosonic

Luuk Stelder

Artist handling ESNS

Mark Gademan


Myrthe Boshart

Coordinator sustainability

Rob van Wegen

Production Conference

Sytske Kamstra

Production ESNS Extra

Anika Postma

Conference production coördinator

Brenda Narvaez

Technical production

Hayo den Boeft

Production Artist Village

Maarten Cosijn

Cashless & Digital

Markus Hinger

Crew handling

Nastia van Lint

Crew handling

Richard de Vries

Design and technical production MME Awards

Tybert Jan Maters

Assistant technical production

Bas Schultz

Production ESNS Extra, Finance & Air

Camiel de Kruijf

COVID-19 Coordinator & Permits and safety

Jort Bollen

Artist Handling ESNS & MME Awards

Marijn Nagel

Crew handling

Patrick van Lint

Coordinator interns & training

Sanne Roffel

Production De Oosterpoort

Suzan Rinket

Business & Development

CRM Marketeer & Coordinator Hotels

Edo Feenstra

Coordinator accreditation

Marilot Baerveldt

Business club

Sandra Faber

Junior office manager & Coordinator ticketing

Jet Schuit

Business Partnerships

Peter Verheul

Digital systems & Data

Jaap van Eggelen

Copywriter ESNS

Roxy Merrell



Peter Smidt

Supervisory Board

Jeroen van Erp (chair)
Farid Benmbarek
Antje Diertens
Sieger Dijkstra
Glen Faria
Bianca Pander
Willem van Zeeland

As a non-profit organisation and cultural ANBI, ESNS publishes her annual report and policy documents on ANBI.nl.