Moderator Greg Parmley, IQ Magazine
Speakers Thomas Sonderby Jepsen, Roskilde Festival / Fruzsina Szép, Superbloom / Kem Lalot, Eurockéennes De Belfort Festival / Pavla Slivova, Colours of Ostrava

The Festival Panel

Presented by: ESNS
THU - Oosterpoort - Back 8 - 13:30-14:30
English spoken
When the spectre of the Covid pandemic passed, green field sites were full once more, and the 2022 season was a return to form for (almost) all festivals. ILMC head Greg Parmley invites four of the most prestigious European festivals to present their events, and outline just what makes them so unique, and how they weathered the last few years. With video, fun facts, and a unique opportunity to find out what makes each of them tick, the Festival Panel is consistently once of the most popular sessions at ESNS.
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