Popgala Noord

Popgala Noord is the award show for pop culture of the Northern part of the Netherlands. Especially the three provinces Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen.

Popgala Noord 2022 was different than other years. This is very noticeable in the 5 awards that are presented this year. The Omdenk-Award was introduced last year for the best initiative in the music industry during the corona crisis. The other awards are the Best Talent award, the Best Artist Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the audience prize for the colleague of the year, where people can vote for their favorite colleague. 

Popgala Noord 2022 took place as a digital event on January 18 at 17:00h CET.

Best Artist
The winner of the Best Artist award is The Vices. The band from Groningen got national fame with their debut album ‘Looking For Faces’ and played a lot  of shows on national tv.

KopjeK won this year’s Omdenk-Award because of their ability to organise unique house and techno events during a pandemic.

Best Talent
T A M A R was the winner of the Best Talent award. Her poetic songwriting is praised by the jury.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter Weening, promotor for the legendary club Vera took home the lifetime achievement award.

Colleague of the year
Lisan van der Deijl took home the Colleague of the year  award. She’s praised by her colleagues for her leadership and care for the development of talent in the province of Drenthe.

Popgala Noord is a project of ESNS and is made possible by We the North, Dagblad van het Noorden, POPgroningen, Friesland Pop en Stichting Kunst & Cultuur.