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Meet our partners for ESNS23

Commercial partnerships

ESNS is Europe’s largest showcase festival and music conference. Each year, the progressive programme of emerging music and innovation-driven conference themes draws a diverse audience of over 4,000 industry professionals and 40,000 music lovers to Groningen in January.

With compelling activations and marketing opportunities, you’re guaranteed to engage with your ideal clients and customers – whether targeting international industry leaders or our vibrant community of music savvy audiences.

Contact commercial partnerships coordinator Peter Verheul for more information.

ESNS Business Club

The ESNS business club is an initiative focused on bringing together businesses across a multitude of fields. The club was initiated in 2011 and allows (small) businesses to enjoy several key privileges and network opportunities within the context of our music industry conference and festivals, Eurosonic and Noorderslag. The club consists primarily of businesses based in the Northern Netherlands and aims to create the most optimal networking setting, whilst enjoying the buzz and dynamics of a large European festival. Each club member is offered unique membership privileges.

For more information on Business Club Privilages and Membership please contact

Partnership at ESNS festival, three examples of brand activation by our partners:

ESNS20 - The Hooghoudt Barn at the Grote Markt


Hooghoudt had a prominent presence at the 2020 edition of ESNS, and gave name to a stage at the Grote Markt; the Hooghoudt Barn. In addition, Hooghoudt organized three official afterparties in Smoke together with ESNS.The Groningen brand was also present with a cocktail bar in the Martinikerk where the Media Compound was situated.

"For us, it was a no-brainer to continue supporting ESNS. Especially at a time when the music industry and the event business are two of the hardest hit sectors." — Testimonial by Arno Donkersloot, CEO of Groningen distillery Hooghoudt

Hooghoudt is a loyal partner and was also active in the two digital editions of ESNS in 2021 and 2022. Among other things, they shared this Twitter message :“Is it five o’clock already? Tune in at 17:00 for Hooghoudt’s Dirty Genever recipe and their very own bartender to tell you how it’s done. A special guest joins us: @musicbyblanks ! As one of the nominees of the @MMEawards , he must be excited for tonight's award show afterwards.”

See Tickets

ESNS and See Tickets have agreed to a long term commitment, starting in 2022. ESNS offers a wide variety of products and services, including festival- and conference tickets, hotel arrangements, merchandise and cashless payment options. In the new customer journey See Tickets provides, all products will be selectable in one single transaction.

"We are extremely excited to enter into this partnership with ESNS. The combination of the great history and authority that ESNS brings and our smart and scalable e-commerce solution, bodes well for the future. Besides our experience in the dance industry, this partnership fits well with the ambitions we have in the world of live music." — Testimonial by Marijke van den Bosch, managing director See Tickets Benelux


ESNS teamed up with Soundcharts as a data partner for ESNS Radar & Analytics, launched in 2022. This is a platform presenting European charts & festivals insights developed with the support of Creative Europe. The charts track and show European artists, with the aim to display the impact of the artists’ music outside of their home country. Soundchart’s extensive database provides an extensive catalogue of artists tracked on different online platforms; from airplay to playlisting on DSP’s, to social media followers. The data that is being used for the ESNS Radar and Analytics, is only a fraction of what is provided by Soundcharts and is therefore already expected to extend the current data modules even further in the coming months.

"Thanks to Soundcharts’ accomplished data tracking and helpful team, ESNS will not only make the life of managers, agents, bookers, promoters and artists easier; we will also break more borders for artists." — Testimonial by Oskar Strajn, project lead of ESNS Radar & Analytics and ESNS booker