Why a conference?

Creating and stimulating business opportunities in the music industry for artists, managements, agents, produces and labels alike is the core business of ESNS. During the conference, more than 150 panels, keynotes, interviews, workshops, discussions, diners and drinks are hosted for approximately 4000 visitors.

The goal: facilitating education and creating the best networking opportunities for everyone in the business. To do so, the conference offers the most up-to-date overview of the current issues dealt with in the international music, media, productions and creative industries and attempts to constructively add to the conversation about these topics.

The goal of ESNS is to help these artists break through on the international live music market. ESNS wishes to generate more attention for European music, its diversity and quality, and aims to bring the artists who make this music in front of international audiences. ESNS strives towards building international careers for emerging acts, unlocking their potential and getting them to spread their music. Talent should be heard and deserves to be offered a stage to do so.

Not only will you be able to come across the most important players in the music industry in Groningen, but the conference also provides great opportunities to expand your knowledge. Diversity is key at the ESNS conference. ESNS offers a greatly diverse range of topics across multiple themes in order to provide something interesting for policymakers, festival organisers, tech-geeks and live event producers to name just a few. Each year, the conference changes her programme to reflect hot-topics in the business. As such, 2018 focused mainly on secondary ticketing, mental health, sexual intimidation, diversity, festival developments and new (law)regulations.

Recurring themes

  • The European Production & Innovation Conference (EPIC) focuses particularly on production and innovation at festivals and venues. It offers an overview of the latest technical developments in the fields of ticketing, cashless systems, wireless communication, sustainability, mobility and safety among others. Additionally, EPIC panels and discussions will provide you with advice on logistics, rigging, sound level management, video and VR technologies and hearing protection.
  • Buma Music Meets Tech (BMMT) is an innovation programme of Buma/Stemra geared towards supporting startups. At the conference it offers masterclasses on data, business modeling and blockchain which all demonstrate the potential and opportunities that lie in mergers between the music and (digital) technology industries.
  • Over 300 artists visit Groningen during ESNS. ESNS’ primary aim is to showcase these artists and in addition support them in developing their international careers. With the artist programme a step towards this development is made at the conference. By offering panels on rights, distribution, touring and marketing, the conference provides the educational cornerstone necessary to continue to grow.
  • With the pop-policy programme, ESNS combines topics on music and policy. The programme offers an interesting perspective for both stage directors and colleagues from the sector as well as policy officials, politicians and aldermen at a municipal, regional and national level.


ESNS brings the entire European music sector together at the beginning of the year. It is the ideal New Year’s reception for everyone in the business. With more than 400 European festivals and venues present, ESNS opens up a world of possibilities for the new year. ESNS visitors are offered the unique opportunity to network at the conference with extensive lounges and facilities. But even more important is access to the exclusive ESNS delegates database where loads of contacts are available.