Astroworld, Seoul: learning from recent disasters.

Crowd management as the “new normal” ?

Presented by: YES Group (YOUROPE Event Safety Group)
THU - 15:00-16:00 - Oosterpoort - Grijze zaal
Festivals, Safety, Event Production
English spoken
After more than 2 years of a frustration due to COVID, crowd is back to events! But what would be the new safety and security challenges with audiences now and forward for festivals and events? Recent disasters like the Astroworld accident during Travis Scott gig in Houston (November 2021) and Seoul Halloween crowd crush in Korea (October 2022) bring us back to ancient matter of concern, like risks with crowd dynamics and crowded space management. Therefore, rises the never-ending question: what can we learn from disasters? What lessons from the past to take care of our spectators in the future? After almost a decade dealing with “new risks” like Terrorism or Epidemic, are we back now to the basics of Crowd management? The YES Group experts around the table will discuss if that couldn’t help to find the right balance in managing risks for events and avoid in the future over-reaction and crisis exposure after each new risk or disaster. Will one day Crowd risk management structured approaches finally be the “new normal”?
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