I’m With The Brand: Music as a leading role

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FRI - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 2
Music rights, Artist & management, Labels & publishers, Songwriters
English spoken
Music used to be an afterthought for advertising campaigns, but not anymore! Brands increasingly recognise that music is the star player in their branding strategy. It’s a positive shift that gives composers and music creators a more prominent role in the creative process. Producers, composers and artist managers get a seat at the table with the creatives to produce the best possible campaign. This collaborative approach is reflected in the success of different campaign songs that go viral, partly thanks to social platforms like TikTok. Beyond transforming the creative process, this change also brings in new income streams and bigger exposure and growth for composers, songwriters and producers. This can be beneficial for a brand too. In this panel, we’ll talk about the developments and opportunities that these collaborations generate. Together with Dan Burt (Music Producer, Wunderman Thompson), Darre van Dijk (Creative Director, TBWA\NEBOKO) and Els Dijkhuizen (Head of Marketing, Heineken) we’ll dive in their dos and don’ts about working with copywriters, art directors, clients and composers.
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