Bringing Innovation and European Integration to the Sync Market

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FRI - 10:30-11:30 - Oosterpoort - Kelder
Music rights, Tech & innovation, Labels & publishers
English spoken
Synchronisation income is more important than ever for artists, publishers, and labels, but how tracks are sourced and matched to specific needs has not changed fundamentally since the idea of using music to enhance visuals first came about. A new system is being introduced at ESNS 24 which leverages AI to help professionals find the music that they need, and also help European music gain greater prominence in a market that is still dominated by the Anglo-American axis. To contribute to bridging this gap, and bring European markets even closer together to reflect the continent's creativity to the global audiovisual community, ESNS, Soundcharts, and the Creative Innovation Lab - funded by the European Commission - are developing a ground-breaking AI-powered chat interface called EMERGE. Its aim is to support European music, linking it directly with possible sync customers such as TV producers, film producers, marketing agencies, the gaming industry, sync agents, etc. The launch of the project at this year's ESNS will be followed by a Beta Version in 2025.
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