Crowd Communication To Improve Event Safety Management

How to use social media to address prevention and emergency messages to a new profile of audiences

Presented by: YES Group, YOUROPE
THU - 15:00-16:00 - Oosterpoort - Grijze zaal
Event production, Festivals & venues, Marketing & (social) media, Tech & innovation, Safety & mental health
English spoken
Crowd communication is a growing field of practice for Event Safety managers. Public address systems, signage, information desk, speakers and face-to-face communication are used for a while to facilitate crowd management. Nowadays, the use of social media is the key tool to promote Festivals and Events in accordance to the needs of the new profile of crowds. By creating a powerful channel between attendees and organisers, the social media is also a resource in a crowd management perspective. What are the new uses of social media for preventive information about risks? How can it be useful in case of emergency? Moreover, how can we develop future approaches using social media to engage participants in an event safety culture? How can and should hybrid strategies of online and offline actions be implemented into crowd management?
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