Empowering music creators with essential metadata insights and rights recognition

Presented by: Amy Thomson & BumaStemra
THU - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Binnenzaal
Music rights, Labels & publishers, Songwriters
English spoken
Join BumaStemra and moderator Arrien Molema a talk about metadata with Amy Thomson, former manager of big names like Swedish House Mafia and former Chief Catalog Officer at Hipgnosis Songs Fund. Amy, a metadata pro, breaks down industry complexities, stressing the need for better alignment when it comes to metadata. Moderated by Arrien Molema, this talk gives creators a clear view from an expert. Explore how metadata tracking on music platforms can be tricky. Learn why accurate metadata is key for fair payouts and a smooth system. This session also features Jurjan Rietveld, Manager Online Processing at BumaStemra, who will delve into the vital role of metadata for organizations like BumaStemra, ensuring a better system for everyone. Don't miss the insights on how this broad industry view helps creators be more successful. Metadata is information about who wrote, composed, or owns rights to a recording. Performing Rights Organizations like BumaStemra use this information to ensure you get paid correctly.
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