ESNS x Innofest

Presented by: De Duurzame Oplossing
ESNS Extra
English spoken
ESNS and Innofest have been friends for quite a while. For almost 6 years in a row, ESNS has welcomed sustainable and social entrepreneurs who - with the help of Innofest - want to test their prototype at the festival. During these tests, the entrepreneurs receive feedback with which they can improve their product, and increase their sustainable or social impact.

De Duurzame Oplossing builds an independent digital platform that shows you how a behavioral change or measure affects you and the environment. The platform is built around a calculation tool. Here you can enter a digital version of your house and your behavior. There’s also an extensive database and you can find blogs with tips for a more sustainable life. De Duurzame Oplossing is testing at the Grote Markt from Thursday till Friday. Entrance: free