ESNS x Innofest

Presented by: NitroTea
ESNS Extra
English spoken
ESNS and Innofest have been friends for quite a while. For almost 6 years in a row, ESNS has welcomed sustainable and social entrepreneurs who - with the help of Innofest - want to test their prototype at the festival. During these tests, the entrepreneurs receive feedback with which they can improve their product, and increase their sustainable or social impact.

Maarten and Ramon, the founders behind NitroTea, both dream of creating a healthy soft drink and bringing this to the market. Their iced tea contains no sugar and few added flavors. However, they still need your help in the finetuning of their product. What flavors do you prefer? What design would you give the can? Join the conversation and create the drink you like best. You can find them at the Oosterpoort on Thursday and Friday.