Moderator Sam Shemtob, FEAT (Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing)
Speakers Henk Schuit, CTS Eventim Nederland BV / Jules de Lattre, UTA / Silke Lalvani, Head of Public Affairs Pearle* – Live Performance Europe

Make Tickets Fair! Be part of the solution with a new campaign to educate fans & rebuild trust in ticketing

Presented by: FEAT & VNPF
THU - Oosterpoort - Front 2 - 16:30-17:30
English spoken
Ticket resale is broken. The time to act is long overdue. MakeTickets Fair! Will be the first ever industry-wide campaign to educate and empower music fans to and get into live events without being ripped off. This panel will unveil the tools being developed by promoters, agents, managers and venues, and reveal how you can play your part as we prepare for lift off!
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