Meet the Music Supervisors & Sync Reps: One on One Sessions

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THU - 13:30-14:30 - Oosterpoort - Grote zaal
Music rights, Labels & publishers, Songwriters
English spoken
Would TV drama The White Lotus have become so famous without its eerie and atmospheric score? And what about the fourth season of Stranger Things bringing Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” to such a widespread audience nearly 40 years later? Don’t underestimate the power of music for advertising either; everyone instantly recognizes HEMA’s catchy brand song or the iconic McDonalds’ “I’m Lovin’ It” tune.

Music supervisors are sometimes called the ‘wonderful wizards of music’. No one is better at creating atmosphere by selecting the right music for synchronisation with moving images. Music supervision and music placement in trailers, TV series, films and advertisements has become an important source of income in the music industry. Sync reps play an important role in pitching existing music for trailers, TV series, films and adverts. 

Would you like to talk to a music wizard to find out how you can sell your music? We are organizing Meet the Music Supervisors & Sync Reps: One on One Sessions for the third year running at ESNS. There is a dream team of international music supervisors and sync reps waiting for you.

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