Can music make you sick?

a conversation with George Musgrave.

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FRI - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Podcast Area
Safety & mental health
English spoken
Dutch Podcast Awards nominee Metal Health is the Dutch podcast on mental health in the music industry. Aimed at raising awareness, as well as marvelling at mental health themes, we give substance to the role of music and artist life, and how the topic resonates in music communities. Created together with artists and industry professionals. The festival summer 2023 set the stage for multiple artists to start opening up about mental health topics in the music industry. In this session, psychologist Bart, music connoisseur Dimitri and presenter Marcel have a conversation with George Musgrave, musician and author of the book ‘Can music make you sick?’. This book proposes that whilst making music is therapeutic, making a career from music can be traumatic. What’s behind all of this? Where are mental struggles in this industry coming from? Has the taboo been broken now that artists are starting to open up? This, and much more that we want to find out! Join us in this entertaining and interactive session and join in on the conversation!
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