Moderator Matthea de Jong, Tolhuistuin & We Are Warming Up
Speakers Frederike Berendsen, FRÉ, Music Declares Emergency NL / Julian Bohn, Music Declares Emergency NL / Sem Bakker,

Music Declares Emergency: How Can We Talk About the Climate Crisis?

Presented by: Music Declares Emercency
SAT - Forum - Newsroom - 13:30-14:30
Festivals, Artists, Management
English spoken
The climate crisis is here and now. An increasing number of artists is speaking out against climate change: Billie Eilish built a climate conference, Coldplay is touring carbon-neutral, and in the Netherlands too, more and more key players are dedicated to change. But how do we bring about change? How do we change systems so not just a few of us can make better choices? What are the challenges? What role can, and should, we play? Artists have huge platforms, how can they use it to create the cultural change that needs to happen to protect all life on Earth without it hurting their careers? What knowledge needs to be shared? How can we normalise the conversation, in an inclusive, open and effective way? In this panel Matthea de Jong (co-founder of the Warming Up Festival and director of the Tolhuistuin) talks to 4 artist/activists about how they use their platforms and what we can do collectively to create a regenerative music industry and world.
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