Not quiet at all on the Eastern Front!

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FRI - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Grijze zaal
Focus on Poland
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Many countries in Central and Eastern Europe are often overlooked despite their impressive potential. With events like Tallinn Music Week, Sziget, and Opene'er Festival, these markets are just as advanced as the Western European markets. However, they are still considered a last resort for projects. It's time to change this mentality and work together to improve the region's image. By focusing on internal cooperation between countries, we can develop the region's potential and create a music market that rivals the best in the world. The data backs this up - with a remarkable 13.5% growth in the recorded phonographic market value, the CEE region is a strong contender. How could we work together to make the most of this potential and inspire the rest of Europe to join us on this journey?
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