Moderator Angela Dorgan, First Music Contact
Speakers Alex Bruford, ATC Live / Rob Challice, Wasserman / Fruzsina Szép, Superbloom

So, You’re Here. Now What: how to showcase properly?

Presented by: ESNS
FRI - Oosterpoort - Front 3 - 13:30-14:30
Artists, Export Policy, Management, Education, Young
English spoken
When you do showcases as an international artist, it pays in many ways to be smart in a sea of amazing talent. How can you maximize visibility, reach the right people, and get some real results out of showcase festivals like ESNS or SXSW? What is worth investing in, and where should you be saving money? In this panel you’ll hear do’s & don’t’s, get tips on how to benefit most, and learn about some real showcase success stories from people who know at least something of it.
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