Moderator Rubén Gutiérrez del Castillo, Fundación SGAE
Speakers Alicia Arauzo Fernandez, / Paloma López Peláez, International Area of AIE’s Legal Department / Manuel Torresano, Music As Usual / Juanto Tello, The pool Notes / Inma Grass, Altafonte / Lucas Holten, Warner Music Spain

Spain: Record Labels, Publishers, Distributors and Rights Societies local & global cases of success

Presented by: Fundacón SGAE
THU - Oosterpoort - Back 9 (down) - 16:30-17:30
Labels, Tech & Innovation, Focus on Spain
English spoken
Showing the international industry cases of success, development, identity, trail blazing of our record labels, publishing companies, distributors and copyright and artist rights agencies.
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