Speakers Jumi Akinfenwa, RedFive / Dan Koplowitz, Friendly Fire Licensing / Lena Obara, music supervisor / Mark Gordon, Score Draw Music / Juanto Tello, The pool Notes / Leslie Ming, Zentropa

Speed Dates: Meet the Music Supervisors

Presented by: Buma Music in Motion, Dutch Music Export
THU - Oosterpoort - The Mix - 15:00-16:00
English spoken
CLOSED MEETING/ALLEEN OP AANMELDING Music supervision, or incorporating the right music into trailers, TV series, films and adverts, has become an integral part of the music industry's income. Don’t miss the second edition of Meet The Music Supervisors! We have invited a dream team of European music supervisors who are eager to meet Dutch composers, producers, artists (and/or their reps). During this session, you have short one-to-one meetings with different music supervisors. You can register here