What’s Your Favourite? Sync Writing Camp results panel

Presented by: Buma Music in Motion
SAT - 13:30-14:30 - Forum - Cinema 4
Composers, Sync
English spoken
Which team from the ESNS Sync Writing Camp wrote the best track? During this panel, a team of experts discuss and analyze all the music that was composed during the ESNS Sync Writing Camp, in collaboration with the audience. In addition to assessing the various tracks, the experts will also give their opinion on other original compositions in the advertising world and how you, as a brand and as an artist, are attractive to the other party. During the ESNS Sync Writing Camp, composers worked in teams on the music for a new campaign for two days. By letting your voice be heard on the Sync Writing Camp results panel, you help decide on the music of an actual commercial brand campaign.
Moderator Speakers