The Boutique Festivals Panel

Presented by: ESNS
SAT - 11:00-12:00 - Forum - Cinema 2
English spoken
What are the challenges and opportunities of the boutique festivals? In the fast growing number of music festivals around Europe, the boutique festivals are a league on their own. With their unique identity and specific sound at their line-up, they create an event for a particular group of music lovers. But since the consolidation at the top end of the festivals business, which is placing many of Europe’s best known events in the hands of corporate owners, how are they able to keep standing out without losing their identity? With many artists now signing festival tour contracts with specific festival groups, is there a need for boutique event bookers to re-think their programming strategies? And while statistics suggest fans are more willing to visit smaller festivals, is there a danger that the powerful corporates are trying to squeeze out the competition in the boutique sector? And how are the boutique festivals coping with the demands of visitors and industry regulations on topics such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion? Our panel of experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the business in 2023 and beyond.
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