Turn and face the change

How can the music sector transition towards a sustainable future?

Presented by: ESNS Science
THU - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Grijze zaal
Sustainability, ESNS Science
English spoken
The music sector of the future cannot be based on models from the past. In order to make the sector future proof for everyone involved, we need to start a transition towards a more fair, equitable and sustainable model. In this session, we will focus on this transition. Professor Derk Loorbach of the DRIFT Institute is, next to an aspiring bass player, and expert on the topic of transitions thinking, and will lead this interactive session. The session will start with a short kickoff lecture, which will be followed by a conversation with the audience on desired and possible transitions in and of the music sector. We will collectively develop an “X-curve” in which a vision but also what we want to build up, change and phase out of the music sector are combined. The session will focus on the sustainability assignments of the sector itself, but also on the possible roles the sector can play in societal transitions. We urge everyone who participates in this session to also take part in the follow-up session on Future Scenarios by Loes Damhof. https://drift.eur.nl/ https://www.eur.nl/en/about-eur/strategy-2024/strategy-practice/dit-platform