WORKSHOP: Networking for introverts

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THU - 15:00-16:00 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 2
Safety & mental health
English spoken
Feeling anxious about networking and navigating social interactions in the music industry is absolutely normal. When you’re more introverted, neurodivergent, or not your typical social butterfly, your general chit chat about the weather or just a general interest in people might not come naturally to you. It can be especially challenging to expand your circle of music industry professionals. You do know that having a strong professional network is a key factor for sustainable success in the music industry. And you can have that without feeling the need to mask or resort to that drink or two to calm your nerves and relax. In fact, networking doesn’t have to be dependent on alcohol at all. In this workshop, we’ll facilitate a genuine group conversation about the challenges of networking, crowdsource tips and tricks from peers on how to do it without the crippling anxiety, and get some practice in so you can walk away from this session knowing exactly what to do next time you attend a networking event, and feel confident doing it.