WORKSHOP: You care about the planet but don’t want to make your event vegan?

How to make sustainable food choices

Presented by: Fork Ranger
THU - 13:30-14:30 - Oosterpoort - Ballet Lokaal
Sustainability & green
English spoken
Why is serving chicken more sustainable than doubling down on cheese for vegetarian dishes? And how about seasonal and local food? Join Mareike from Fork Ranger for this interactive session about food. Together we'll explore which food choices matter most for the climate. Their data-driven, yet pragmatic approach, guides you towards easy and practical solutions. And don't worry: there are lots of possible routes without going fully vegetarian or vegan. It's Fork Ranger's mission to make eating for the climate as easy and fun as possible. They've designed a special program for festivals to help them achieve this! Have a look at or download the free Fork Ranger app to get started.