Ana Marković
ESNS: 2024
International Marketing Manager, EXIT Festival
Ana Marković, an international marketing manager for EXIT Festival, embarked on her career as a versatile musician, mastering classical and contemporary piano in Vienna. Transitioning from the stage to the business side, she pursued a master's degree in Music Business at IMB in Barcelona, unlocking the door to the vibrant world of music festivals. With a passion for events and marketing, she has immersed herself over the past few years in event organization and marketing within the music event industry. Ana's expertise lies in seamlessly blending her musical roots with strategic marketing, fostering the global recognition of EXIT Festival. With a rich background in both performance and business, she continues to play a pivotal role in shaping unforgettable experiences at the intersection of music and culture.
Fri 19 JAN - 13:30-14:30 - Oosterpoort - Grote zaal