Anne de Jong
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
managing director, NVPI
Anne de Jong is an executive in music and very experienced in copyright law and neighbouring rights. As managing director of NVPI, the Dutch trade body for record labels and movie distributors, he represents the recorded music industry on a national level. As chairman of the Dutch platform for creative media industries (PCMI) and co-chair of the Dutch copyright federation (Federatie Auteursrechtbelangen), De Jong works closely with other national organizations such as Sena (neighbouring rights), Buma/Stemra (copyright) and Dutch trade bodies for performers and publishers. Before joining NVPI as managing director, Anne de Jong served the NVPI Audio board for 22 years and the NVPI federation board for 9 years. He also participated in the supervisory board of Sena for 6 years and was a board member of STOMP (trade body for independent labels). De Jong owned and managed Challenge Records, a well-known Dutch record label in the classical music and jazz genre, for over two decades.
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