Bindu De Knock
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
Crosslink Legal (Amsterdam)
Bindu De Knock is an Amsterdam-based attorney-at-law specialising in music, entertainment, and intellectual property law. Her international practice focuses on advising, contracting, litigating and negotiating for professionals in the creative industries including artists, DJs, songwriters and producers. De Knock made her name with her first book ‘Noot voor Noot’ (2015 – in Dutch) drawing on her international law practice and experience as a musician and trained audio engineer. In 2021 she released her second book 'The All-Round Musician: How to create a sustainable career in the music business’. This publication shares practical advice on fundamental principles of the music industry, broken down into simple language. Readers learn how to identify red flags around people, business proposals, and legal agreements. In her spare time, Bindu is a musician, producer, and hosts a podcast about the music industry. Driven by a desire to see creatives succeed in the professional world, Bindu also lectures at renowned private music educational institutions, conservatories and is a regular guest speaker at international music conferences.
Fri 19 JAN - 15:00-16:00 - Oosterpoort - Kunstpunt
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