Christa Licher
ESNS: 2023
Green Deal Circular Festival
The European Green Deal Circular Festivals (GDCF) stands for a future-proof, circular and climate neutral festival industry. The 42 ambitious festivals that participate in this Green Deal have committed themselves to achieve circularity by 2025. The GDCF boosts innovation, monitoring of impact, exchange of knowledge and collaboration in the European festival world. The festivals focus on five themes: energy, food and drinks, travel and transportation, materials and water. The GDCF is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. “What does it mean for a festival to be circular? How can the music industry contribute to the transition towards a sustainable world? What is the European Green Deal Circular Festivals (GDCF)? These and other questions can be answered at the Q&A with Christa Licher (programme manager and Policy advisor circular economy at the Ministry for Infrastructure and Watermanagement