Connor Boshuijer
ESNS: 2023
FUGA - Physical Distribution Manager
Connor Boshuijer (b. 1995), is an American/Dutch music industry professional with over 10 years of experience within the music business. Initially Boshuijer got his start playing in an assortment of (punk)bands, but he quickly moved behind the scenes as an artist manager, concert promoter, freelancer and general hustler. Boshuijer founded and led The Hague’s division of Sofar Sounds for 4 years in January 2016, alongside working as a talent buyer for PAARD in The Hague where he started out booking solely for Paardcafe, and eventually booking several shows in their bigger rooms. In addition to this, Boshuijer was active as the artist manager for singer-songwriter Nina June, who has to date racked up more than 17+ million streams, and whom he helped sign to Nettwerk Records in 2019. He also freelanced for several artists and companies including MARS Worldwide, Michael Prins, Yori Swart, Double 2, Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and more. As a passion project he ran and founded Blindsided Records with Peter Schoor (who currently works for V2 Records), where the duo put out vinyl and digital releases of their favorite hardcore bands, with a main focus on European talent. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Boshuijer switched gears and he joined leading B2B music distributor, FUGA. Initially starting on a temporary basis, Boshuijer was offered the first role of the company’s physical distribution arm in October 2021. Since then Boshuijer has worked on frontline releases including Peter Doherty, Viagra Boys, and Dhafer Youssef, as well as back catalog projects with Run The Jewels, Apocalyptica, Heather Nova, Benny Sings, Tribes, Perry Farrell and more. The department has grown significantly in its first year with clients such as YEAR0001, Strap Originals, Seeker Music Group, Odyssey Music Network and more. Currently Boshuijer is enrolled at Berklee Online for a Master’s Degree in Music Business and holds a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Music Management from the HKU (Hogeschool van de Kunsten, Utrecht).