Ioan Kaes
ESNS 2023
Ioan is a hands-on lawyer specialised in Copyright and Media law. He has been active in the music industry for over 25 years, which he has come to know from different angles: as a recording and touring musician, as a lawyer, as a teacher and more recently as a policy advisor. As General Secretary of AEPO-ARTIS, the federation of European performers' organisations, he represents a network of 37 collective management organisations active in 27 countries. In the negotiations towards the 2019 Copyright directive - and its subsequent transposition in the EU - AEPO-ARTIS took the lead in defending the interests of the musicians, which resulted in the insertion of the article 18 on fair remuneration. Nevertheless, he remains a strong supporter of a more far-reaching reorganisation of the legal framework regarding streaming and other online exploitation of performers' neighboring rights and sees a great responsibility for collective management in this.