Julia Gudzent
ESNS 2023
Guds Agency
In 2005, Julia joined Melt Festival as its second full-time employee. She worked as a German tour promoter for artists such as The 1975, Matthew Herbert, Years & Years, Robyn and many more. In 2015, she gave up tour booking to concentrate fully on festivals, and worked as programmer and head of artist liaison for festivals such as Lollapalooza Berlin, Superbloom Munich, Melt Festival, Berlin Festival, Pure & Crafted, Body&Soul Festival, Untold Festival, Neversea Festival. She was one of the very few festival programmers to work internationally and books festivals in countries such as Ireland, Romania and Germany. In 2020, she founded Misc, an agency for diversity and empowerment that is designed to help companies become more diverse and create an empowered and equal work environment. In 2022 she started working in the music industry again, taking up programming Lollapalooza Berlin and Untold Festival again.